Well Well Well…

These things are always awkward, right? How does someone write something about their own company without sounding biased and egotistical? And is it just me, or does anyone else find ‘about pages’ super boring? I guess the key is balance. A good mix of personality, information and length that not only markets yourself effectively but is also something the consumer will enjoy. That’s the approach I have taken with writing this website and its also the approach I take with my every day work.

Based primarily in Northern Ireland, VideoWizard.TV aims to provide customers with the solutions to all their video needs. It’s quite a simple concept. From corporate events to social media campaigns, customer testimonials, custom motion graphics, weddings, time-lapses and everything else you could possibly image. We can video it for you.

My name is Aaron Butler and I am the founder and Chief Creative Officer of this wonderful company. When I left university all those years ago no one would hire me (sob story incoming). So I started my own business not out of ambition but out of necessity. I threw myself into the fire and have not looked back since. The reward I get from helping others is a feeling that cannot be measured. Whether it’s the small local business or the large corporation, no job has been too big or too small.

A video is not just a video. Its a story. It needs to communicate a message in the most effective way possible and it needs to be memorable. Kind of like what I’m trying to do right now? You could have all the budget in the world and the most expensive equipment around and it wouldn’t matter (Remember how bad Indiana Jones 4 was?). What really sets us apart is not only our understanding of how to make something look good but also have it effectively communicate a memorable message aimed towards your target customer in a sufficient timeframe . Am I rambling yet? Probably.

Before signing off I will say this. I love what I do. I take pride in my work. I work hard. If you are on the same wavelength then lets talk and if not then thats ok too. Thanks for taking time to read my ‘about page’ and I hope you have enjoyed the website. Take care and maybe talk soon?

– Aaron Butler (Chief Creative Officer)